Thursday, September 2, 2010

"ar" verb conjugations

Conjugating “ar” verbs:
What is conjugation? = You change the verb form to match the person that is doing the action.

1. verb- estudiar (to study)
• this is the infinitive or unchanged verb.

2. I need to change this verb to match the person.
example= Yo estudio. (the ending “ar” was dropped and “o” was added)

A. Each person has a different ending when you conjugate:
* drop the ending “ar” and add these endings:
Yo (I) – o - estudio
Tú (you) – as - estudias
él (he) – a - él estudia
ella (she)– a - ella estudia
usted (you)– a - usted estudia

Nosotros (masc.) - estudiamos
Nosotras (fem.)=(we/us) – amos

ellos (m) - ellos estudian
ellas (f)(they/them) - an -ellas estudian
ustedes (you all) - ustedes estudian

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