Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How often do you check the blog?

How often? – Expressing how often you do certain activities.

¿Con qué frecuencia ……? = How often do you….?
ej. ¿Con qué frecuencia lavas tus manos?
How often ….. (verb) do you wash…. your hands.

Useful vocabulary words:
Nunca = never
todos los días = every day
siempre = always
a veces = sometimes
durante.. = during ej. durante la clase de inglés (during English class)
después de = after
los fines de la semana = the weekends
antes = before
solo cuando = Only when… (solo cuando tengo tiempo libre)
nada = nothing
nadie = nobody
Cada – each/every ej. cada lunes (every Monday)
casi - almost
sin - except

Some examples:
1. Question asking you:
¿Con qué frecuencia juegas los deportes?

Yo juego los deportes los lunes, martes y jueves.
(I play sports on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.)
Yo nunca juego los deportes.
( I never play sports.)
2. Question asking about somebody else:
¿Con qué frecuencia prepara la comida tu madre?

Mi madre prepara la comida todos los domingos.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stem changing VERBS: E to IE, E to I

This week we are conjugating more stem changing verbs.

1. E to IE changes
Cerrar - to close example: Yo cierro, Tú cierras, él cierra, Nos. cerramos, Ellos cierran
Comenzar - to begin
Confesar - to confess
Empezar - to begin
Gobernar - to govern
Pensar - to think
Defender - to defend
entender - to understand
Perder - to lose
Querer - to want
Preferir- to prefer
referir - to tell, to refer
sentir - to feel, to regret
* The higlighted RED letter is the stem change letter
2. E to I verbs
Servir - to serve example: yo sirvo, tú sirves, él sirve, nos. servimos, ustedes sirven
Repetir - to repeat
Pedir - to ask

Homework is to conjugate all of these stem changing verbs into all five forms. (Yo, Tú, <él,ella,usted>, nosotros/nosotras, )

Thursday, March 11, 2010

LET'S PLAY Jeopardy!

We finished playing Jeopardy in class today via the powerpoint presentation. All students did a great job of participating.
Each student will be paired up with another as they create their own game.
The final product will be due next Friday, the 19th of March.
We will be working on this project in class for a few days and it is due on Friday, the 19th of March.
Here are the rules:
  1. . 6 categories (examples: colors, school subjects, ar verbs, ir verbs etc..)
  2. Each category needs to have 5 questions and 5 responses. That would be a total of 30 questions/responses for your game.
  3. It can be any game that includes a minimum of 4 players. ( if you want the template for the Jeopardy powerpoint, I need your flash drive by Friday the 12th of March.
  4. Appropriate material please. NO foul language, content, or pictures. Same school rules apply to the game.
Have fun and we will see you in class working on your games.