Friday, September 25, 2009

End of the grading period and AR verb test

Today is the end of the first six week grading period. It's hard to believe how fast this semester is going by. We will be taking the "ar" verb test today. This is a common assessment given in all of the Spanish 1 classes. This will be part of your six week grade.

We will begin our autobiography project next week. We will also be talking about school and things that you have at home and in your backpack.

Hasta luego.

Send it in a letter!

We have been practicing using "me gusta" & "no me gusta" to express likes and dislikes. We are going to incorporate this with the other information that we have learned on how to present ourselves, to write a letter to a pen pal.
These letters are going to be exchanged with another class, and each student will receive a response to their letter.

Interviews and Review

On Friday the 18th, I was out ill. In class the students finished their mini interviews. They were asking the following questions:
Cómo te llamas?
Cuántos años tienes tú?
De dónde eres?
Qué es tu dirección?

You needed to ask 15 people in the class these questions.

The review was a worksheet that was assigned as a homework assignment. It was due on Monday the 21st of September.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Supplies Check

On Friday the 18th of September we will have a supplies check.
Included on this list are : a pencil or pen, lined paper, a binder or folder for holding papers and notes, Spanish/English dictionary, and a dry erase marker.

17 de septiembre

Notes for today: (general questions;personal information)
1. ?Cómo te llamas? - Me llamo ___________.
(what's your name?) (My name is_________.)
2. ?Cuántos años tienes? - Yo tengo ____ años.
(How old are you?) (I am ____ years old.)
3. ?De dónde eres? - Yo soy de ___________.
(Where are you from?) - ( I am from _[city where you were born]____.)
4. ?Qué es tu dirección? - Mi dirección es _____________.
(What is your address?) - My address is ______________.

Asking about others.....
? De dónde es él? - Él es de __________.
( Where is he from?) (He is from __________.)
?De dónde es ella? - Ella es de__________.
(Where is she from?) (She is from ________.)
? Qué es la dirección de __{somone's name}___?
respuesta= La dirección de ___{name} __ es _____________.

We practiced these question by conducting mini-interviews in class. 2 minutes per person. Everybody completed 8 or 9 interviews. We will complete this in class on Friday.

Monday, September 14, 2009

14 de septiembre

Vencomigo textbook: pages 22-24. Practiced some dialogues and invented phrases for certain situations. Students worked individually and in pairs to practice writing and speaking Spanish.

Homework: Workbook (cuaderno de actividades) page 8 (all)
Due: martes, el 15 de septiembre

Upcoming Calendar items: 25 de septiembre ~
1. benchmark test ("ar" verbs)
2. End of grading period [first report card
goes home]


Today is Back to School Night. Be sure to come and visit. Room 1205 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

September 7 - 11

~This week we continued learning greetings & farewells. We also learned how to introduce
ourself and others in Spanish.

~ Introduction of "regular (ar) verbs". We learned the Spanish pronouns { yo,tú, él,ella,usted,
nosotros, nosotras, ellos, ellas, ustedes}. Conjugating or modifying the verbs to match the
pronoun. We will continue to practice this for the next couple of weeks.

~ viernes: Speaking quiz on general questions. Most of the kids were prepared for this quiz. If you
missed it, you need to make it up before the 16th of September. The conjugation chart of the 30
verbs was also due. This was worth 150 points. If you were absent, turn it in on the day you

Friday, September 4, 2009

viernes, el 4 de septiembre

Today in class we reviewed material that has been covered over the past 2 weeks.

~ workbooks were handed out. Students are to have the workbook with them
everyday in class.
~ Cuaderno de actividades (workbook) assignment
1. Pages 1 - 4 all activities
2. Page 5; activity 5 only
3. Page 7 all activities
The aforementioned assignments are all due on Tuesday, September 8th.

Homework: finish workbook assignment and study for quizzes next week (quiz 2 on Tuesday & Speaking quiz on Friday)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Questions for Speaking test on Sept. 11

Questions for Speaking Quiz on Friday, September 11th.
1. Pregunta =¿ Cómo estás?
Respuesta = Yo estoy ___bien____. (choose adjective from class notes)
2. Pregunta = ¿Qué pasa?
Respuesta = Nada/Mucho/ Estoy bien etc…
3. Pregunta =¿Qué clase tienes ahora?
Respuesta = Yo tengo la clase de Español. (use class subject from list provided in class)
4. Pregunta = ¿Qué es tu color favorito?
Respuesta = Mi color favorito es azul. (choose any color in Spanish)
5. Pregunta = ¿Qué es tu numero de teléfono?
Respuesta = Mi numero de teléfono es _____________.
6. Pregunta = ¿Cómo te llamas?
Respuesta = Me llamo Señor Madsen. (say your name)
7. Pregunta = ¿Cuántos años tienes?
Respuesta = Tengo _______ años. (say the number of your age

August 31st ~ lunes

Today was an introduction to the textbook. We discussed different reasons why it is important to learn Spanish. We took turns reading aloud from the textbook.