Friday, January 29, 2010

Interview Questions

You will be interviewing your "new" partner on Monday the 1st of Feb. After being assigned your "new" seat, you will ask questions

Here are the guidelines as discussed in class:
1. Cómo eres? ( What are you like)
~ Yo soy .......

2. Cómo es....? (Friend and/or relative) (2 questions)
example: Cómo es tu amigo? response: Mi amigo Jeff es alto y cómico.

3. Cómo es.....? (class subject/ and or teacher (2 questions)
example: Cómo es la clase matemáticas? Response: La clase de matemáticas es difícil.

4. Te gusta....? (item/person/subject) (2 questions)
example: Te gusta la clase de español? response; Sí, me gusta mucho la clase de español.

5. Te gustan....? (items/people or groups/subjects) (2 questions)
example: Te gustan los Beatles (musical group)? response: Sí, me gustan los Beatles.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Calendar Items

29 de enero:
1. stem changing "o to ue" conjugations (15 verbs); see verb list
2. Quiz on "o to ue" verbs; definitions and conjugations
3. Interview from questions created in class and homework assignment.

Stem changing Verbs O to UE

On the Verb List for stem changing verbs, o to ue, here are the changes.

- the o changes to ue in the conjugations except for the nosotros form.
yo almuerzo nosotros almorzamos
tú almuerzas ellos almuerzan
él almuerza ellas almuerzan
ella almuerza ustedes almuerzan
usted almuerza

There is an exception to the rule for Jugar.
Jugar is a u to ue changing verb. This simply means that an e is added to the u when we conjugate.

Yo juego nosotros jugamos
tú juegas ellos juegan
él juega ellas juegan
ella juega ustedes juegan
usted juega

Follow the conjugation rules for ar, er, and ir verbs.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year! 2nd Semester begins

Welcome back to the new semester. This semester we're going to start off with reviewing time and talking about our classes. We will be discussing class schedules. We will also discuss when things end and begin using times.

We will have quiz this Friday on start and end times for certain classes.

I'm looking forward to a great 2nd semester.