Monday, March 15, 2010

Stem changing VERBS: E to IE, E to I

This week we are conjugating more stem changing verbs.

1. E to IE changes
Cerrar - to close example: Yo cierro, Tú cierras, él cierra, Nos. cerramos, Ellos cierran
Comenzar - to begin
Confesar - to confess
Empezar - to begin
Gobernar - to govern
Pensar - to think
Defender - to defend
entender - to understand
Perder - to lose
Querer - to want
Preferir- to prefer
referir - to tell, to refer
sentir - to feel, to regret
* The higlighted RED letter is the stem change letter
2. E to I verbs
Servir - to serve example: yo sirvo, tú sirves, él sirve, nos. servimos, ustedes sirven
Repetir - to repeat
Pedir - to ask

Homework is to conjugate all of these stem changing verbs into all five forms. (Yo, Tú, <él,ella,usted>, nosotros/nosotras, )

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