Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Family Project

Family Project:
In this project you will describe your real or imaginary family.
You will need to include a representation of 3 generations:
1st generation – los abuelos
2nd generation – los padres, los tíos
3rd generation – tú, los hermanos, los primos

You will need to include at least ten people in this process.
You will need to use actual pictures or cutouts from magazines to represent the various members of the family.

• You will then choose three of these family members, one from each generation, and write a paragraph description of each one using the following information:

1. The person’s relationship to you. (mi padre, mi hermana, mi tío, mi primo etc…)
2. Their age and birthday.
3. Physical description. Use at least 2 positive adjectives, with a total of 3 descriptions of their physical appearance.
4. Describe their personality using at least 2 positive adjectives, with a total of 3 adjectives describing their personality.
5. Where they live. ( Mi abuela vive en Minnesota.)
6. Describe four activities that they like or dislike.

Extra credit: 5 points extra for additional family members described as above. (maximum 25 points)

Homework for Tuesday May 25th, 2010:
Write down the people and how they are related to you.
(To be completed in Spanish)

Written Rough Draft for peer editing: Due June 2nd (Wednesday)
Final Draft is due on Friday June 4th.

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